Our Mission

DCC provide quality education which is better value, more accessible, more flexible and more relevant for working global professionals. Online live, interactive continuing education courses that you can access from home, from work or anywhere with an internet connection.

About us

DCC deliver online live, interactive continuing education courses that you can access from home, from work or anywhere with an internet connection. Our courses focus on innovation, product, service, experience design and design research. We offer introductory three-hour classes, five-week and eight- week online programs that meet once per week presented by experienced design professionals. The courses are delivered at a number of different times to fit your schedule and time zone. We can present a custom program in your own location tailored to your schedule and needs.

Most courses include substantial texts written by the instructor.  Our publications have been specified as texts at many design and business schools including the University of California, Art Center Pasadena, Parsons Graduate Program, and Purdue University.

Contact us at info@dcc-edu.org

Who attends our online classes and face-to-face workshops?

Past participants in our online programs have included executives, CEOs, VPs, directors, design managers, and designers of all design disciplines, architects, researchers, social scientists, engineers and other decision-makers including the following organizations.

Tesla Motors, NASA, Kaleidoscope, Speckdesign, Intel, Nike, MillerCoors, Radiuspd, Gensler, Herman Miller,Trek bikes, Catalystnyc, Sylvania, Whipsaw, Berkeley University, Stanford University, Pininfarina, Inscape, Newbalance, MIT, Rhode Island School of Design,Tufts, Nokia, Steelcase, Mayo Clinic, Ocad, California State University Santa Barbara,University of Michigan,In Form, RIT,Honeywell, Columbia University,Nissan, Volkswagen, Sony, Nestle, Kraft Foods, Otterbox, Henry Ford Museum, Samsung, Ammunition, Siemens AG, Group, frog Design, Ziba Design, Plantronics, Luxion, Philips, Method, Visteon, Texas Instruments, Cisco, Mindspring, Hasbro, Dow Corning, Bressler Group, Reebok, Logitech, HP,CCS, Praxxis Design, Levi Strauss, NCSU, Design & Industry, Kensington, Symantec, Canberra University, Australian Government Department of Defence, Maya, Karten Design, Autodesk, Barco, Shutterstock, Lucid, Colgate, Starbucks, Sunbeam, Seimens.

Advantages of DCC online classes

Lower total costs:
With the costs of your college education soaring, time and money are major considerations for deciding if a degree will pay off in the long run. All our textbooks are included. Our programs do not require students to take electives. This allows students to focus on their subject of choice and receive the education they need without having to spend time or money unnecessary classes. Relocating to a different region for a traditional college program is costly and time-consuming.

No hectic commutes.
Our courses can help cut down or eliminate costs of commuting, babysitting, housing and other expenses incurred by attending classes in a traditional setting. Many students also find that the amount they save on fuel costs can be substantial if they don’t have to commute to a physical campus in general, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Enroll in your program of choice – regardless of where you are.  DCC courses allow students to choose from a wide variety programs not available in their area. Many of our students access our classes from places where it is difficult to access top quality design education.

Greater Access to Better Expertise:
All of our courses are taught by experts with considerable field experience presenting professionally relevant coursework that’s highly applicable to your field of study. Our education is accessible anywhere on earth. Highly specialized design education is able to reach more people. Our courses are better organized than traditional courses.

More interaction with the professor
Join chat sessions where only a handful of students are present, giving you more opportunities to ask questions, clarify points in the lecture and add depth to your knowledge of the materials presented. DCC Online courses offer introverted students the opportunity to participate in class discussions or chats with more ease than face-to-face classes. Students may feel more comfortable talking openly with their teachers through online chats, emails, and newsgroup discussions rather than face-to-face.

Flexibility and Accessibility
DCC online courses give students the universal access to attend classes wherever they have Internet access. Our classes offer accessibility for students who have physical and time restraints that do not allow them to attend traditional classes. Parents, working students, and mobile professionals can find classes that fit their work schedule. Students can work a full-time job while taking courses. We offer education accessible for the homebound and those with physical limitations.

Learn from where you want to be. Anywhere with an internet connection.

  • At home
  • On vacation
  • At work
  • In the library
  • On a train
  • In your bath

You can use the restroom or grab a drink if you need a short break easily do at home.

Easy to use:
Teacher, lecture slides, chat box, and quiz questions all on one screen. There is no software and simple login. All you need is a web browser and a computer and you’re ready to learn.

Online classes are greener
Online classes save both energy and trees.

Speedy learning
According to a 2009 study from the US Department of Education, “Students who took all or part of a class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional face-to-face instruction.  “Research shows that online students achieve same or better learning results in about half the time as those in traditional courses” DCC online courses are better organized than traditional courses.

Career advancement:
Show prospective employers that you are ambitious and want to remain informed and prepared for any new challenges. Improve your technical skills: The practical skills students learn in our online courses translate to many design professions.

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